Licensed Social Worker 22-23 SY

  • Warren Easton Charter High School
  • 01/20/2023
Support Staff

Job Description

  • Meets those standards of performance for his/her
  • Social Work assignment applicable to local, state, and federal guidelines.
  • Promotes regular school attendance of students through on-going attendance monitoring, counseling with students and their parents, and consulting with school personnel regarding the effectiveness of the school’s attendance incentive plan.
  • Provides direct consulting and/or consultations to students and families when students are experiencing school adjustment and/or attendance difficulties.
  • Makes home visits are required.
  • Facilitates communications between the home and the school by involving families in the educational process of their children and helps school personnel understand family situations and problems which may affect school performance.
  • Interprets school social work services to parents, teachers, principals, other school personnel and the community.
  • Acts as liaison between the school and the community agencies, through reciprocal referral arrangements, collaboration on cases, and assists families in obtaining and utilizing local resources.
  • Participates in IEP staffing and serves on Student Assistance Team Committee, which deals with the initial screening processes as needed.
  • Plans, conducts or assists with in-service training programs for school personnel.
  • Provides workshops and/or training sessions for parents in areas of communication, child management and family/school-related concerns.
  • Participates in school committees as needed.
  • Performs other tasks as may be required.
  • Utilizes clear and meaningful oral and written expression.
  • Contributes to the vision of the school and assists the principal in maintaining focus and momentum for achieving the vision and mission of the school
  • Interprets the mission of the school to the community through direct involvement, public relations programs, and works closely with the administration to promote the school’s vision and mission.
  • Assists in the use of school/community resources to enhance the quality of school programs, including those resources available through business and industry.
  • Assists in the development of specific program goals and objectives which are aligned with the mission and vision and which appropriately meet the needs of the students.


All employees hired after September 17, 2021 must be able to provide documentation that either the new-hire employee has received a COVID-19 vaccination or has requested and been granted a reasonable accommodation from the WECHS Human Resources Director to be exempted from the requirements of this policy.


 MSW and BCSW required with experience in services to children preferred. Certification by the State Department of Education as a Qualified School Social Worker, licensed by the State of Louisiana. Certification by the State Department of Education as Child Welfare and Attendance Supervisor. Current Louisiana driver’s license required. Must exhibit the capacity to meet the complex mental, emotional and physical demands of the job 

Grade Range



Social Worker

School Year

2022-23 SY