Middle School Teacher - The Bridge

  • Educators for Quality Alternatives (EQA Schools)
  • New Orleans, LA, USA
  • 01/20/2023

Job Description

The Bridge Middle School Program

Middle School Teacher

Job Description

Educators for Quality Alternatives (EQA)

EQA is a New Orleans nonprofit with the mission of Providing struggling students with the skills, confidence and experiences to succeed in the education and career paths of their choice.

The organization currently runs three alternative high schools: The NET:Central City, The NET:Gentilly and New Orleans Accelerated High School for students who have dropped out of, been expelled from, or who have otherwise struggled in a traditional school setting.  

EQA programs are built on the belief that alternative schools should not punish or “fix” young people; they should be vibrant, flexible, and restorative environments that support students in being their best selves.

The Bridge Middle School Program

Our middle school program, launched in August 2019, serves 7th and 8th grade students referred from middle schools in Orleans Parish or for their expulsion terms.  The program is rooted in restorative and therapeutic practices:  students will participate in intensive behavioral, social, and academic support and will work to build skills that will help them transition successfully back to their home school.


Position Summary

The Bridge’s innovative model pairs a teacher and a counselor in each classroom to ensure that students’ behavioral and mental health needs are being met along with their academic needs.  While our program and classrooms are relatively in small in size, our teachers work hard to individualize instruction and support for each student.   

The Bridge’s Classroom Teachers are responsible for:

  • Curriculum development and instruction for all content areas 
  • Differentiating lessons, assessments and supports
  • Building and leveraging transformative relationships for student growth
  • Assessing and monitoring student progress on an individual and course level
  • Constantly developing your craft  


Position Requirements:

  • 3+ years teaching at risk students with a demonstrated record raising student achievement 
  • A BA or BS required; Louisiana Teacher Special Education Certification preferred but not required
  • Specialized interest and skills in working with students with learning and emotional difficulties
  • Excellent communication, interpersonal, relationship building & management skills
  • Learning mindset dedicated to effectively and innovatively problem solving and constantly improving
  • Passion for improving educational opportunities for urban students and for being a part of a strong, mission-driven team
  • Commitment to EQA’s mission, vision and growth




  • Start date: Spring 2023
  • Schedule: All full time Bridge positions are year-round with a generous vacation schedule
  • Salary: Initial salary is based on years of experience and degrees. Future salary increases are based on performance and responsibilities.
  • Benefits: Comprehensive benefits and generous 403b retirement plan
  • Reports to: Principal 


Detailed Responsibilities


Curriculum development & teaching

  •  Develop curriculum aligned with the LA State Standards and LEAP2025 exams
  • Develop and execute on Weekly and Daily lesson plans
  • Develop and execute on Labs, Projects, and other hands-on learning experiences


Differentiate lessons, assessments and support

  • Collaborate and/or co-teach with Classroom counselors, special education teaching assistants, teachers, and leaders to insure all students receive the appropriate, high quality modifications and accommodations
  • Develop differentiated assignments and assessments


Build and leverage transformative relationships for student growth

  • Participate in all aspects of students’ experience including: intake, RtI, special education, and behavior plans
  • Conduct structured bi-weekly meetings with students’ to review their progress and develop plans for success
  • Plan and conduct weekly community building activities for each class
  • Plan student expeditions and experiences to develop social skills development and expose students to a variety of opportunities 
  • Actively practice restorative approaches and collaborative problem-solving in order to teach students how to take responsibility for improving their behavior and communication 


Assess and monitor student progress on an individual and course level

  • Develop rigorous, authentic assessments to accurately gauge student understanding and mastery
  • Collect and analyze a variety of data to assess student’s strengths, gaps, and growth areas
  • Use this information to appropriately adjust course curriculum and delivery and individualize approaches and supports


Constantly develop your own craft

  • Set goals for student performance and professional growth
  • Actively reflect on your own work and monitor progress toward goals
  • Productively seek, give, and use feedback
  • Positively contribute to the school’s collegial community 
  • Participate in all scheduled professional development activities and seek out additional opportunities 
  • Involve yourself in the continual development and improvement of the school’s curriculum, culture, and program