3rd Grade Social Studies Teacher

  • Lake Forest Elementary Charter School
  • Lake Forest Elementary Charter School, Lake Forest Boulevard, New Orleans, LA, USA
  • 07/09/2024
Full time Teaching

Job Description

To help students learn subject matter and/or skills that are aligned to the Louisiana State Curriculum that will contribute to their development as mature, able, responsible men and women who become lifelong learners.


Bachelor’s degree. Louisiana certification preferred


  1. Meet those standards of performance for his/her individual teaching assignment. 
  2. Guide the learning process of students in the classroom toward the achievement of curriculum goals set by the Louisiana State Department of Education, LFC and/or appropriate federal guidelines.
  3.    Assist the administration in implementing all LFC policies.
  4. Strive to maintain and improve professional competence.
  5. Consult with administrator(s), colleagues, students, and/or parents on a regular basis.   
  6. Prepare lesson plans, instructional activities and educate students at all levels
  7. Create, adjust, or revise instructional pacing guides             
  8. Serve on and participate in professional staff committee/meetings as required.
  9. Participate in extra-curricular and instructional activities that support the vision and mission of LFC.
  10. Assign homework, grade assignments and/or assessments and document progress.
  11. Participate in ongoing professional development activities.
  12. Communicate with parents about student progress.
  13. Implement the designated curriculum completely and in due time.
  14. Plan and implement effective classroom management practices.
  15. Perform duties assigned by the CEO, school administrator, and/or Leadership Team.
  16. Integration of technology in daily instruction.

Supervises:            Students

Reports To:            CEO and/or School Leadership Team

Evaluation:             In accordance with Lake Forest Charter School Policy

Grade Range

Elementary (K - 5)


Social Studies

School Year

2024-25 SY