Certified ELA Interventionist

  • Warren Easton Charter High School
  • 06/24/2024
Full time Support Staff

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Warren Easton Charter High School is one of the highest performing open-enrollment high schools in the city of New Orleans. Our legacy of educational excellence stems back over 100 years. At Warren Easton Charter High School, academic excellence is the highest priority. Our slogan is "The Easton Way is the Only Way.” Maximum individual academic growth is stressed and good study habits are established in a nurturing and well-disciplined environment. Our school community believes that a structured environment is necessary for the assimilation of knowledge and the development of cognitive skills. 


Our mission is to provide rigorous and relevant instruction for all students at all academic levels to ensure each has the opportunity to achieve their maximum potential 



  • Meet the standards outlined in the Louisiana Components of Effective Teaching and the Compass Evaluation Rubric
  • Design and implement rigorous unit and lesson plans incorporating Warren Easton Instructional Objectives
  • Participate in professional learning communities and development sessions with a continuous learner mindset
  • Engage in capacity-building activities, including tuning protocols, interdisciplinary strategies, cross-curriculum opportunities, and committee memberships
  • Create a structured, achievement-oriented learning environment and build positive rapport with students
  • Utilize student data to drive instruction, design re-teaching plans, and target interventions
  • Proactively manage student behavior and adhere to school policies
  • Achieve objectives set in the professional growth plan developed with your Assistant Principal
  • Consult regularly with administrators, colleagues, students, and parents
  • Attend and participate in school events, such as welcome back night, open house, and report card conferences
  • Participate in monthly grade-level, departmental, and faculty meetings
  • Attend SAT, RTI, Section 504, and IEP meetings, providing necessary documentation
  • Provide accurate and timely feedback to students on their progress
  • Plan and supervise tasks for paraprofessionals and volunteers, if assigned
  • Adhere to school policies on dress code, punctuality, absences, and lesson plan submissions
  • Perform other duties as assigned
  • Engage in data-based decision-making within a tiered service delivery model
  • Provide high-quality ELA instruction to a diverse student population in individual and small group settings
  • Collaborate with teachers, administration, and families to identify best practices for student groups
  • Work with school personnel regarding students needing specialized interventions
  • Conduct assessments to identify students for intervention services and plan instruction
  • Use research-based interventions to guide student learning towards ELA content standards
  • Employ manipulatives and hands-on activities to support student needs
  • Regularly assess student accomplishments and provide progress reports
  • Maintain accurate documentation of student performance and progress as required
  • Provide data to school teams and participate in decisions about student progress
  • Communicate student progress to teachers, administration, and families
  • Participate in discussions and activities focused on improving reading through research
  • Engage in staff development focused on reading intervention and assessment techniques


  • Bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university is required
  • Holds and/or Eligible for Licensure by the Louisiana Department of Education
  • Experience in the specified content area
  • Former teaching experience preferred

Warren Easton Charter High School adheres to the equal opportunity provision of the Federal Civil Rights laws and regulations that are applicable to this agency. Therefore, no one will be discriminated against on the basis of race, color, or national origin (Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964); sex (Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972); disability (Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973) in attaining educational goals and objectives and in the administration of personnel policies and procedures.  


Grade Range



ELA, Intervention

School Year

2024-25 SY