Living School

About Living School

Our Mission

Living School cultivates equity by nurturing students to do work that improves their lives, communities, and environment through holistic health, citizenship, & entrepreneurship.

Our Vision

We envision a world where all children get what they need to live healthy, rewarding lives in equitable, peaceful communities, in an interconnected, thriving world.

Our Design Principles

  • Equity
    • Most schools measure success only with grades & test scores, reifying structural oppression. We measure success with outcomes that promote equity: student, community, and environmental holistic health.

  • Intentional Biodiversity
    • Most schools are de-facto segregated, use standardized methods, and focus on singular outcomes. We intentionally integrate diverse people and methods to create the conditions where a healthy ecosystem of learning can flourish.

  • Democratic Community
    • Most schools are built for students & families instead of with them, giving stakeholders little agency. Students, families, and staff form democratic branches that co-design every element of the school to balance institutionalized power.

  • Real World Work
    • Most schools silo ​and simplify learning into distinct subjects divorced from their authentic application. All learning is facilitated collaboratively through interdisciplinary, authentic inquiry, projects, problems, internships, and apprenticeships.
Full time
Living School
Thank you for applying to work with our team at Living School!  This form is your first step in applying to work with our team and is designed to help us learn a little bit more about you.   As an equity-focused, democratic school, we have worked hard to make our hiring process as inclusive, transparent, and equitable as possible.  For a detailed overview of our hiring process visit: . We welcome feedback at any point throughout the process. If you need any help with this form or throughout the process, you may email  or call 504-218-