Noble Minds Institute for Whole Child Learning

About Noble Minds

Our mission is to create an environment where students receive high quality instruction and effective personal growth strategies that will prepare them to successfully navigate the next stage of their educational journey.

What We Value at Noble Minds

At Noble Minds, we value individualism, diversity and self-efficacy. These core values center upon our recognition that every child is a valuable member of society deserving of a high quality educational experience. For us high quality means rigorous and relevant instruction carried out by a competent well-trained staff who treat students with dignity and respect on a daily basis.

Measuring Your Child’s Success

There are four major outcomes that we want for the Noble Minds student. These four outcomes ultimately lead to acceptance into, and graduation from, a high school of the students’ choice followed by a seamless and successful entry into a four year college or a successful career path.

They will be prepared to attend the most academically rigorous schools in the region.
Students will have increased their executive functioning skill significantly by the time they exit Noble Minds to head to high school.
Noble Minds students will be able to communicate effectively verbally and in writing with peers and adults to express emotions, seek information, share information, to build relationships and to develop their own thinking.
The experience of learning to be as satisfying as the learning itself.

The Noble Minds Five Pillars

How do we get to these outcomes? There are five pillars that drive everything that we do at Noble Minds.

  1. Whole Child Learning
  2. Learning by doing everyday
  3. Tight Feedback loops
  4. Collaborative inquiry
  5. Therapeutic vs Punitive responses to challenging behavior