Young Audiences- Lawrence D. Crocker Charter School

Our Mission

Young Audiences Charter School's mission is to educate the whole child through arts integration and equip our creative learners to flourish as leaders in life and learning.


Our Vision

Young Audiences Charter School's vision is to educate creative learners to be self-aware thinkers, creators, and problem solvers who serve as leaders in their community and have a lifelong love of learning.


Core Values

Commitment, Collaboration, Creativity, Composure, Consistency, and Care.

Arts Integration

To accomplish its mission, Young Audiences Charter School faculty and staff will deliver a completely arts-integrated curriculum supported by project-based teaching and learning, authentic assessments, individualized instruction and regular opportunities for both teacher and student collaboration. Arts Integration combines the arts with the learning of core academic subjects. It supports educational achievement and improved student behavior by giving children both a "springboard" and a "safety net" for learning. The arts allow students to be more engaged in education-focusing on each child's abilities and interests to provide support in academic achievement. The arts also provide increased opportunities for parental involvement in school, a key component to education.

Young Audiences Charter School will provide a rigorous academic program with a strong focus on the Louisiana Comprehensive Curriculum and Common Core State Standards. These academic requirements will be integrated with the five art disciplines (Literary Arts, Music, Dance/Movement, Drama and Visual Art) to provide students with additional learning opportunities and multiple ways to understand academic content.